Kamis, 01 Maret 2018

Who Are They?

Just short story'
( Base on true story' )

There are things in this world that sometimes can not be measured by reason and logic alone. Besides us, there is another world, which lives side by side with us. Maybe we do not see them. But they see us, as long as they do not interfere with each other, leave it alone. This is a true story that I experienced myself, it's been a long time ago but it made an impression on my memory. Moreover, I know very well, the two real "real" boys who are my neighbors, once while I was in college and boarding around the campus. That afternoon, around 4:30 pm I just got back from college. Coincidentally, the rain falls, not too heavy but quite soaked too, because I do not use umbrella. Because it was not the rainy season and I also did not know it would rain that afternoon. I Dropped from the taxi, I stopped in front of the complex gate to get home. Incidentally, only a small housing complex consisting of 10 houses, left - right. shaped cluster. So to get to this area there is only one entrance gate is marked with a small building, to the security guard on the right. To the left is a high-walled railing fence decorated with very lush vines, so if the night or from outside the fence precisely the small highway, outside the cluster. Looks dark and lush, plus lighting lamps for outside the complex precisely outside the roadside fence and building security guard, the lights are very dim and not too bright. Anyway, a little scary if the streets are deserted, no people passing by or occasionally the sound of vehicles passing outside this housing complex. Back to the story, I stood in front of the entrance gate, as the two boys, aged six and seven. All I know is Adhi, who is six and Adam is seven years old. Both live next to my boarding house, by chance my house, the first position is located on the right and the parents of the two boys next to my house. just blocked by half-meter-tall shrubs. I live with three friends campus, different majors, by chance at that time, they are already at home. I see the two boys, looking engrossed in conversation with each other, coming from inside the gate, that means maybe of course they are from their house, I think, to play football in the field just down the road there, like their day-to-day activities after them school, that's what I know. I'm a little surprised too, why the rain is playing, out of the house, as far as I know their mother are over protective. A bit grumpy or firm, which I see. Especially rainy-like this afternoon. To my surprise, it was very quiet, there was no security guard, no one I saw, or passed. I am in a position, already want to walk after getting out of the taxi. want to enter the gate, but the two boys are already in front of me, exactly in front of the gate, when I want to greet them. I entered the gate, they came out. to note, the gate is not too broad, just enough for three adults standing there. When passing by the gate, I ask them first, Hi Adhi, Adam, where are you going? .. no reaction, no answer or anything. They did not even glance at me. just passing ... not usually, I thought. because the two boys were always friendly, greeted me if they were going to school. I do not know why I thought to see them, maybe their mother did not know, if her children play rain. I was just a few steps after they passed me, I still see them still talking to each other. Turn right, look across the small river next to this complex. And do you know? ... they disappeared, right where they were missing is a pretty big garbage dump, and around the trash can, nothing but the high walls of road and gutters. So where are they? .. the passage of the wall? I immediately ran home, to open the door like slamming and startled my friends who were watching tv, with ... Adam and Adhi, who was asking my friends for help in doing homework.